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Financial Management 

A business plan is any plan that works for a business to look ahead, allocate resources, focus on key issues, and prepare for upcoming opportunities. Many people think of business plans as applicable only for starting a new business or applying for business finance, and it is true that the vast majority of lenders will require a business plan to review as part of their own due diligence regarding the loan application. However, as with many things in life, planning in business is essential - businesses need plans to optimise growth potential and to develop according to the priorities of the owners. 
Starting a business is a big job, and it is helpful if you have a blueprint that can help you to manage the business. A business plan ensures that you have done your thinking prior to rushing in, and acts as a management tool to help you focus on where you are and where you want the business to be in the future. It is many things, amongst others a feasibility study of the business’s chances for success and growth. If you are putting your life savings on the line, endangering your family’s stability, and borrowing other people’s money, it is your responsibility to minimise the risks involved. The business planning process does not guarantee success, but does decrease the risk of failure. 
Nigel is an expert business planner, and will also act as a constructive critic of the plan – he is often asked ‘what is the most important constituent of a business plan?’ – the answer is always the same - ‘the quality of thought that goes into it’. 


Nigel is an experienced Finance Director, having first been appointed to the Board of a limited company in 1978. Since that time he has been responsible for the financial affairs of companies both large and small, ranging from SME’s to enterprises turning over sums in excess of £100M annually. Depending on the role he can be hands on, for example working with a Sage system, or strategic, looking to the future direction of the business. 
Nigel is available to act as either interim (for example covering maternity or sick leave) or as a part time finance director. 


Nigel has successfully handled major consultancy projects, always focussing on achieving the overall objective. Too often, consultants spend their time tabulating the opinions of staff members & then presenting them as their own work – Nigel takes a different approach. While it is important to respect the views of staff, it is also important to bring fresh thinking to the issue and as a result Nigel invariably operates on a ‘hands on’ basis – delving into the financial data, operational systems, and IT processes until the optimum way forward is revealed. 
Nigel is available for consultancy assignments both in the UK and Europe (where he has operated very successfully in the past). 


If you pay UK taxes, either as an individual or a company, you are almost certainly entitled to a tax refund if you own certain types of property. NFS is associated with one of the leading tax reclaim companies who specialise in this type of work. The work is highly specialised, and they emphasise that they work alongside existing professional advisers to deliver the benefits to the client. Utilising qualified surveyors they identify the element of Plant & Machinery within the cost of a purchased/improved building as defined within the Capital Allowances Act 2001, and process the appropriate claim for the related tax allowances. It is emphasised that this is not a contentious tax avoidance scheme or loophole, but is based on established UK statutory law dating back to 1878. There is no time limit for these claims. Most professional accountants routinely ignore these claims as they do not have the expertise to deal with them. That does not mean that the client should be disadvantaged. 
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